My private practice offers  Testing , Therapy and Consultation services. 

Psychodynamically oriented individual and family psychotherapy is available for teens and adults. Behavioral interventions are also used with those seeking to manage organizational difficulties and some anxieties.  My clients are individuals with issues such as:

•Depression including Postpartum Depression
•Anxiety Disorders 
•Relationship, Family and Workplace Conflicts
•Fertility Issues
•ADHD/ Organization/ Efficiency issues
•Separating/ Individuating from Family 
•Identity Development Issues

Who Benefits from Therapy with Dr. Rose?
I have been successful in treating a diverse group of individuals including: 
•Graduate Students (sliding scale offered)
•Young Adults struggling with entering the work force
•Professionals seeking to improve relationships in home and at work
•Children with issues related to learning, social difficulties, attention, sadness or trauma
•Men attempting to increase their effectiveness in social, occupational and familial domains
•Homemakers requiring support in managing the emotional and/ or relational demands
•Women and Couples struggling with fertility issues and/or postpartum depression
and others who want to learn more about themselves . . .

Psychological, Neuropsychological and Psycho-Educational testing is available for children, adolescent and adults with a wide range of concerns including:

•Accommodations for standardized testing or academic settings
•Possible Learning Disabilities
•Processing Difficulties
•Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder  
•Autism Spectrum Disorders 
(including Aspergers Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disability)
•Emotional Difficulties such as Depression, Anxiety (including Phobias), Impulse 
  Control Disorders etc.
•Understanding one's own strength and weaknesses as well as optimal learning style

Consultation services geared toward schools and workplaces are also available. Mainly, consultation focuses on identifying barriers for effectiveness in settings and on developing strategies for addressing and shifting  systemic functioning toward greater success. Both group talks and private consultations services are available. Please contact me for further information.

Psychological Testing and Therapy for Children, Teens and Adults